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-A short portrait of the vocational training at Fachakademie –

Fachakademie für Sozialpädagogik Kempten is a college for vocational training in education and social care.
(German Qualification Framework /DQF: level 6). We are a private learning institution based on the official national curriculum.
Number of students: 250+
Number of staff: 30+

The students gain the professional qualification as a “state-certified educator,” which enables them to work in various fields within the educational sector (e.g.early childhood education, youth and community work, group homes, after-school daycare, schools for children with disabilities, learning impairments or special needs, etc.(age group: 0-27).

In the vocational training, there is a close link between theory and practice: During the first 2 years of the training, the students acquire pedagogical knowledge and professional skills in full-time theory classes combined with several compulsory periods of practical training in child care institutions in Germany or abroad. The third year of the education is full-time practical training at a placement, with the students being accompanied by tutors from Fachakademie offering support and supervision.

Beside their vocational training as a state-certified educator, the students can take additional courses in Maths and an exam in English to achieve a University Entrance Qualification. So they can carry on studying for a Bachelor’s degree in the field of education or social work by adding 3-4 semesters at a University of Applied Sciences.

A General Certificte of Secondary Education and a completed vocational education in a relevant sector are college entrance requirements. In most cases, the students have previously taken the national vocational qualification as a “child care assistant”, which is a 2-year training and offered at Fachakademie as well.

Link to the Profile of Skills and Competences of a state- certified Educator trained in Germany (Certificate Supplement).